Client: Yomego – Social media agency, Glasgow
Services: Flash development

Yomego is Europe’s leading social media agency, providing content across mobile, web and TV.

Horrible Histories games

Horrible Histories Virtual World
Horrible Histories games

We were approached by Yomego to assist in producing a series of AS3 Flash based educational games for the Horrible Histories brand.

Yomego conceptualised the games, created the audio and visual assets and supplied Benson Cairns with a tight brief on how they envisaged the games to work. Our contribution was AS3 coding and game play mechanics.

As deliverables we provided Yomego with the final game SWF’s and the AS3 codebase delivered via a shared SVN environment. Some components of the games are editable via XML, providing the product owner with an independent editing capability after the games have been delivered without the need for redeployment. The games form part of a larger social media network managed by Yomego, and the games plug into this environment and report high scores and position players on a leader board that spans multiple games.

Facebook Facepaint app

Facebook application

The Facepaint app, conceptualised and designed by Yomego, is an AS3 Flash based social media application that plugs into Facebook. Benson Cairns assisted in the programming and the Facebook integration.

The application allows users to superimpose their team colours onto a selected photograph from within Facebook and share it with their friends in a social media environment. The Facebook integration component was particularly challenging from a technical standpoint.

Yomego Santatron

Santa goes social

Christmas fun with more bright ideas from Yomego! As with all projects we work on with Yomego, we were supplied with the concept and the creative assets and asked to make it happen.

This social media application listens for certain key words in the Twitter stream, and then represents them on a map of the world. It also collates selected key phrases and represents them as a series of comparative horizontal graphs tracking, in this instance, what people want for Christmas.

It’s heart warming to see that even in these times of rampant consumerism, most people wanted goodwill. But back to reality... In doing this the application turns what is normally background twitter into potential marketing intelligence - if only we could bottle and sell good will! This application was a particular seasonal success and was mentioned on the BBC Technology website.

Pearson’s Education Twitter map app

Twitter map

This application follows the same logic as the Santatron, and was once again conceptualised and designed by those creative chaps at Yomego. In this instance it watches out for what people are twittering about on education matters.

The listening component of the application looks out for key phrases and plots them on a map of the world. The other feature if this app is the ability to filter the tweets by subject through the use of a word cloud to hone in on the subject you’re interested in. The app also allows the user to link directly to the relevant Twitter home page and become a follower of that stream.

Ladbrokes Keep it Uppy game

Keep it uppy

This is the classic bouncing ball keepy uppy game. Like all the work we do with Yomego, the creative and conceptual elements are supplied, freeing us to focus unhindered on the technical elements. This game was created for the Football World Cup and appears in a number of different languages. The game is translated via XML with no need to redeploy the SWF.