Sony Editors Google Streetview mashup

Client: Sony Music
Project: Editors Google Streetview mashup
Services: AS3 and JavaScript programming
Website: http://www.editorsofficial.com/streetview/
Press: Creative Review article

We were approached by Sony with the radical idea of hacking Google Street View and overlaying a Flash application onto the Street View interface to launch The Editors album In this Light and on this evening. We were supplied with a series of geographical co-ordinates and photography for a series of 360 degree environments, each representing a track on the album.

Users were encouraged to explore the streets of London and find the songs located at strategic locations. We created a ‘radar’ that identified the user’s current location in relation to the position of the 360 degree environment that contained the track to assist navigation. We also included audio clues for the user - the closer the user got to the song,  the louder the music became.