A sampling of our wares...

We include here a selection of our recent and favourite projects and clients.

As you can see, our portfolio is divided between Agencies, Direct clients and our DAVEX partnership. We work with both direct clients and web agencies, and the split between the two is about 50/50.

The difference between these two client types is that for direct clients we offer a full turnkey service, from concept development and planning through all the nuts and bolts to final deployment and testing.

Our agency work on the other hand largely focuses on a particular skill area, like Flash development or copywriting. However, this isn’t always the case, as with the Pilsner Urquell project for Edinburgh-based Multiply UK, where we joined the creative and accounts team in a full service capacity and planned, project managed, developed and tested the site before handing it over to Multiply’s internal developers to manage.

If you’re wondering about DAVEX, this is our partneship with immensely talented Mr Dave Keen, Flash developer extraordinaire. DAVEX exists to go where other developers fear to tread, and only takes on the most studly of coding projects – witness our awesome Sony Editors Google Streetview mash-up as an example.