Life Engine

Client: The Life Engine
Project: Plan and develop an interactive education environment
Services: Planning, technical project management, GUI design, development
Site: http://www.the-life-engine.com

The Life Engine offers retirement and pension planning advice to a selection of age groups, and assists users with examining their personal motivations, interests and concerns as the first step to establishing a desirable and workable retirement plan.

We were approached by the Life Engine team to create the prototype of an interactive 3D environment to house their educational concept. The prototype was to provide proof of concept and enough of an experience to attract additional investors to the project.

The idea we developed was to have users navigate through a 3D environment in a linear fashion in order to first establish their interests and fears via a planning game, and then to provide an information repository of financial and retirement planning data for users to explore at their leisure.

Working with the client’s creative team, we developed an interactive 3D city that houses a series of buildings where users can evaluate their current financial position and investments, work through the planning game to establish interests and concerns, and then receive guidance regarding which of the buildings in the Financial District to visit to gather further information. The final step of the journey is to visit the ‘print shop’ to collect a summary of the user’s journey and if desired to make an appointment with an Independent Financial Advisor.

Challenges with this project included establishing an executable brief from a vague concept and we are rather proud of the Flash engine we developed to run the planning game.